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24V 6000W Industrial Frequency Inverter
  • 24V 6000W Industrial Frequency Inverter24V 6000W Industrial Frequency Inverter
  • 24V 6000W Industrial Frequency Inverter24V 6000W Industrial Frequency Inverter

24V 6000W Industrial Frequency Inverter

The ZIHO brand 24V 6000W Industrial Frequency Inverter boasts advanced technology, superior stability, practicality, multifunctionality, and meticulous craftsmanship. Equipped with a variety of protection functions, it ensures reliable and safe operation in various applications. ZIHO supports ODM and OEM, catering to specific customer needs, and its products are widely distributed in Southeast Asia. ZIHO looks forward to establishing long-term partnerships in China, offering quality products and services to its partners.

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Product Description

FSY-PDD60202/24V 6000W industrial inverter has the advantages of advanced, stable, multi-function and military quality. Digital display with large screen. Quiet, no interference, alarm sound can be turned off to avoid affecting sleep at night. Utility power complementary, automatic conversion. Can be used continuously for a long time, compatible with most electrical equipment. Supports utility power charging, 11 adjustable gears. Can use utility power to charge the battery, real-time display of charging current. Supports multiple battery types and can be switched to multiple languages. Suitable for: oxygen ventilators, pressure cookers, printers, monitoring equipment, electric kettles, air conditioners, electromagnetic stoves, lighting equipment, computer servers, soymilk machines, stereos, washing machines, welding machines, water pumps, ice cream makers and other electrical appliances.

Machine Model FSY-PDD60202
Utility Volts 220V 110V
Utility Range 170-260VAC 85-130VAC
Frequency 50/60HZ
Watt 6000W
Volts 220V±5% 110v±5%
Frequency 50/60HZ
Waveform Pure Sine Wave
Conversion Time (AC to DC) <8ms
Conversion Time (DC to AC) <8ms
Output Voltage Regulation 210V-240V 105V-120V
Bypass Mode Have
Energy Saving Mode Have
Efficiency ≥85%
Input Protection Over current Protector
Output Protection CPU Protect
Battery (sold separately)
Battery Type Lead-acid/gel/lithium iron phosphate/lithium ternary battery/customized
Charging Method Three stage float charging/constant current and pressure
Utility Charge Voltage Three-stage float charging: regular 28.4V, float charging 27.6V, constant current and constant voltage 29V
Charging Current 0-80A
Resistive loads Below 5000W
Inductive loads Below 2000W
Low Pressure Alarm Audible Alarm - 5 Seconds Beep
Overload Alarm Audible Alarm - Continuous Beep
Fault Alarm Audible Alarm - Continuous Beep
Temp 0-40℃
Moisture 0-90% Non-Condensing
Noise <60dB
Product size L*W*H cm 67*22*19
Package size L*W*H cm 75*27*27
Inverter weight KG 29

Product Features and Applications of 24V 6000W Industrial Frequency Inverter

24V 6000W industrial frequency inverter, with short circuit, overload, overvoltage/undervoltage, over temperature and other protection functions. Digital display screen, real-time display of charging current and other parameters. With UPS function, automatic conversion without human operation. Can take: electric kettle, rice cooker, refrigerator, computer, precision instruments, 6000W resistive load, 2200W motor, etc..

Product Details for 24V 6000W Industrial Frequency Inverter



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Easy to understand and operate at a glance

Digital display large screen, display the parameter data, and the user can set the inverter parameters, and at the same time, press "Return" and "Confirm" to enter the setting page, such as setting the battery type, charging current, working mode, input/output, alarm switch, utility charging cut-off voltage, backlight switch, Chinese/English switching, and so on.

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